Different Type Of Acne

Acne is the common problem which is faced by everyone in any time of their life. It is very important to understand the reason of acne before you go for its treatment. Acne can be caused due to various reasons and keeps on increasing if you don’t cure it. Some of the main types of acne are adult acne, acne conglobata, acne cosmetic, acne excoriee, acne mallorca, acne keloidalis, acne mechanica, acne medicamentosa, acne neonatorum, pitch acne, chloracne, premenstrual acne, tropical acne and steroid acne. These are the few common types of acne which are caused due to a particular reason and the reasons for this acne are given below.

Adult acne is a type of acne which appears in the age of 30 years to 40 years. The reason for this type of acne can be hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, dust and dirt particles or any medication. Acne conglobata is severe hereditary acne that can affect the face and the back. It causes scarring on the face and on the back. Acne cosmetic is only triggered after the use of some harmful cosmetics. Cosmetics that contain ingredients like lanolines, pigments and isopropyl mysristate affects the skin and cause acne. Acne excoriee is also called mirror addict acne which is caused by constant picking on the skin or on the body. It is psychosomatic disease in a person who has the habit of touching the skin continuously. Acne caused by sunbathing is called acne mallorca. Sometimes acne is also caused by irritation which is mainly due to tight clothes. This type of acne is acne mechanica. The people who live in African region have particular type of acne which is called acne keloidalis. Don’t let acne ruin your life, get the best acne solutions.

In this type of acne the papules and pustules are at the nape of the neck. Acne which is induced by drug or any medication is called acne medicamentosa. Acne which is found on the newborn babies is called acne neonatorum. These are triggered by the hormones of the mother to the child and usually disappear after sometime without any treatment. Pitch acne are lesions that are created by the coal tars or dandruff tars of the shampoo. Acne that is formed by the constant exposure of hydrocarbons or insecticides is called chloracne. Acne caused by provoked by hormonal changes prior to menstruation are called premenstrual acne. Tropical acne is a type of acne which is experienced by the soldiers of World War II in the tropics with horrible scarring.